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Mathematics has always been considered as a very tricky subject and itʼs true as well.

Loss of interest in Math amongst students is more or less directly proportional to his/her score or performance in school math exams held during middle school i.e. 6th, 7th & 8th grade. During these years, a studentʼs reasoning and logical analysis skills start developing and largely depends on Math.

Speed Math Workshop conducted by Mr. Sunil Sharma not only involves system of fast calculation techniques but also includes mathematical and logical games to make math interesting for the students thereby changing the attitude and mindset of the students towards math and giving much needed confidence in math.

List of Schools in Mumbai where Speed Math Workshop has been conducted:

  1. Rainbow International School, Thane
  2. Arya Gurukul CBSE School, Kalyan
  3. DSV CBSE School, Thane
  4. St.John School, Dombivali East
  5. Diamond Jubilee ICSE School, Mazgaon, Mumbai
  6. Fatima High School, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  7. SVDD School, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  8. North Bombay School, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  9. Pune Vidhya Bhavan Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  10. Dominic Savio School, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  11. Holy Cross School, Kurla, Mumbai
  12. St.Joseph School, Vikhroli, Mumbai
  13. Vikas High School, Vikhroli, Mumbai
  14. Siddhivinayak School, Vikhroli, Mumbai
  15. S.T.Mehta School, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  16. R.N Gandhi School, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
  17. Pune Vidhya Bhavan, Nerul, Mumbai
  18. IES School, Mulund East, Mumbai
  19. LEMS School, Mulund East, Mumbai
  20. Sharon School, Mulund West, Mumbai
  21. St. Joseph School, Panvel, Navi Mumbai
  22. Canossa Convent School, Andheri, Mumbai
  23. Holy Family School, Chembur, Mumbai
  24. St. Mary School, Mulund West, Mumbai
  25. SKKES CBSE School, Mulund West, Mumbai
  26. Antonio Da Silva Technical, Dadar, Mumbai
  27. Lady Engineer School, Tardeo, Mumbai
  28. Anjuman School, Grant Road, Mumbai
  29. Sadhana Vidhyalaya, Sion, Mumbai
  30. Shreerang Vidalaya, Thane, Maharashtra
  31. Saraswati Vidhyalaya, Thane, Maharashtra
  32. The Andhra English School, Wadala
  33. Gauridutt School, Sion, Mumbai
  34. Don Bosco School, Matunga, Mumbai
  35. Gurunanak School, Sion, Mumbai
  36. Friends ICSE School, Mulund, Mumbai
  37. H.M Gala School, Mulund, Mumbai
  38. Barretto School, Kalbadevi, Mumbai
  39. Chatrapati Shivaji Vidhyalaya, Sion, Mumbai
  40. Public Welfare School, Sion, Mumbai
  41. Michaels School, Kurla, Mumbai
  42. St. Columba Girls School, Grant Road, Mumbai
  43. St. Teresa High School, Charni Road, Mumbai
  44. Holy Cross Girls School, Thane, Maharashtra
  45. Holy Cross High School, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  46. Chandaramji High School, Girgaon, Mumbai
  47. St. Michael’s, Mahim, Mumbai
  48. Victoria School, Mahim, Mumbai
  49. Kamraj School, Sion, Mumbai
  50. Auxillium Convent School, Wadala, Mumbai
  51. St. Joseph School, Wadala, Mumbai
  52. Victoria School, Mahim, Mumbai
  53. St.Michaels School, Mahim, Mumbai
  54. Durello Convent Girls School, Bandra, Mumbai
  55. Sharda Education Institute, Mangaluru, Karnataka
  56. Holy Family School, Suratkal, Karnataka
  57. Prerana Education School, Shivamugga, Karnataka
  58. Popular English Medium School, Karnataka
  59. Holy Family School, Bajpe, Karnataka
  60. Holy Spirit School, Mulki, Karnataka
  61. Dr. M Ramanna Shetty Memorial, Thokkur, Karnataka
  62. Gujarathi English Medium School, Kudroli, Karnataka
  63. Besant English Medium School, Kodialbail, Karnataka
  64. St. Anne’s School, Kuntikana, Karnataka
  65. Shubodya School, Pilikula, Karnataka
  66. St. Joseph School, Bajpe, Karnataka
  67. Hongirana School of Excellence, Sagar, Karnataka
  68. Bethany School, Karnataka
  69. St. Mary School, Mazgaon, Mumbai
  70. St. Isabel Girls School, Mazgaon, Mumbai
  71. JB VACCHA Girls School, Matunga, Mumbai
  72. Canossa Convent Girls School, Mahim, Mumbai
  73. Gloria Convent Girls School, Mazgaon
  74. St. Joseph School, Agripada
  75. St.Mary School, Kalyan
  76. St.Joseph School, Dombivali 
  77. St.Mary School, Dombivali
  78. Holy Angels School, Dombivali 
  79. Vivek Vidhyalya, Goregaon
  80. St.Joseph CBSE School, Dawdi Dombivali
  81. Shirodkar CBSE school, Lower Parel
  82. Dnyaneshwari School, Dombivali
  83. Nanji Shamji Shah School, Kanjur marg
  84. Greens English School, Dombivali East
  85. St.Thomas School, Kalyan
  86. Mohinder Singh Kabal Sing School, Kalyan


— Felicitated by Friends’ ICSE school(Mulund) principal Mrs. Shivani Balodi —

Thank you for conducting a speed Math workshop for our students. The workshop was very useful and interesting. Your techniques of solving tangent and rational numbers were fantastic! The students were beaming with happiness after learning the multiplication technique of 2 and 3 digit numbers. We look forward to have many more sessions with you which will benefit our students.


Shivani Balodi

Mrs. Shivani Balodi, Principal, Friends ICSE School, Mulund West

— Mrs Jean Gomes, Principal St. Michaels School, Kurla—

— Mrs Ramona Lewis, Principal St. Teresa High School, Charni Road—

Mr Sunil Sharma,
What a wonderful session on Speed Maths !!! Every student enjoyed it and you captivated and enthralled them for almost 2 hours. You made Maths so exciting and easy. We would like to have a repeat session.
God bless!
Mrs Ramona Lewis
H. M. St. Teresa’s High School

Mrs. Ramona Lewis, St. Teresa's High School, Charni Road

— Sr Jennifer, Principal Holy Cross Girls School, Thane—

I express my heartfelt gratitude for conducting Speed Math Workshop for students of STD VIII & IX in our school. The workshop was indeed full of knowledge for students. The students in particular felt really enlightened and helpful and I’m sure your efforts will help them benefit a lot.

We welcome you to keep this workshop again in future.


Mrs. Sunanda Mitapelli

Mrs. Sunanda Mitapelli, Shri Gauridutt Mittal Vidhyalaya
Sunil Sharma, Sadhana School

Sunil Sharma, Friends' School, Mulund West

Sunil Sharma, Shreerang Vidhyalaya, Thane


Speed Math makes the students more comfortable to solve the sums even if they know tables up to 9 only.

Speed Math reduces finger counting & improves mental calculation.

Speed Math enhances logical thinking process.

Speed Math makes the student more confident with knowledge and high self-esteem.

Speed Maths helps in improving academic performance in Math.

Speed Math sharpens  the mind & increases mental ability and intelligence.

Speed Maths helps in building Logical Analysis

Speed Math cultivates an interest in Maths and eliminates the Maths-phobia.

Speed Math is easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.

Speed Math increases calculation speed and accuracy.



Perfection, passion and panache define the persona of the math enthusiast. Turning nightmares into rosy dream, turning math into magic is the endeavor of the math wizard, Sunil Sharma.

Mr. Sunil Sharma has persevered for over a decade to make math interesting for students who are repulsed from it and faster for those who already relish it.

His endeavors in this direction resulted in creation of two wonderful and informative books “Awaken the genius within you” and “Miracle Speed Math”. Grooming young minds to make them more creative and receptive gives him greatest joy. This he has been able to accomplish through the myriad number of seminars and math shows he has been conducting.

Sharing his knowledge and educating young nascent minds, he has conducted workshops for students of various schools across Mumbai. He has been invited by many educational institutes & schools to conduct “Speed Math Workshop”. You can write to him at sunilsharma@speedmath.in


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